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Fall 2018
Feb 20, 2020
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Courses of Interest to Concentrators in Gender and Sexuality Studies - 17553 - GNSS XLIST - 0
The following courses have a primary focus on women or gender or make significant use of modes of feminist or queer analysis. They may count toward the concentration in Gender and Sexuality Studies through the Pembroke Center. Please check with the sponsoring department for times and locations.

Africana Studies
AFRI 1060U An Introduction to Africa
AFRI 1060W Policy, Culture and Discourse that Shape Health and Access to Healthcare
AFRI 1060Z Race, Sexuality, and Mental Disability History
American Studies
AMST 1612Q Women / Writing / Power
AMST 1901D Motherhood in Black and White
AMST 1906Q The History of Children and Childhood in America
ANTH 0300 Culture and Health
ANTH 1150 Middle East in Anthropological Perspective
ANTH 1250 Film and Anthropology: Identity and Images of Indian Societies
ANTH 1624 Indians, Colonists, and Africans in New England
CLAS 0765 Witches and Vixens: Nasty Women in Ancient Greece and Rome
CLAS 1145 Goddesses and Women Gurus in South Asian Religious Traditions
Comparative Literature
COLT 0610D Rites of Passage
COLT 1210 Introduction to the Theory of Literature
COLT 1440T Cinema's Bodies
COLT 1810N Freud: Writer and Reader
East Asian Studies
EAST 0800 Off the Beaten Path: A Survey of Modern Japanese Literature
EAST 1070 China Modern: An Introduction to the Literature of Twentieth-Century China
EAST 1950X Queer Japan: Culture, History and Sexuality
ECON 1530 Health, Hunger and the Household in Developing Countries
EDUC 0620 Cradle of Inequality
EDUC 1430 Social Psychology of Race, Class, and Gender
ENGL 0100C Altered States
ENGL 1711L Contemporary Black Women’s Literature
ENGL 1760Y Toni Morrison
ENGL 1900K Reading Sex
French Studies
FREN 1210F L’œuvre romanesque de Marguerite Duras
FREN 1310N La Pornographie
FREN 1330A Fairy Tales and Culture
Hispanic Studies
HISP 1330V Gender Trouble in Spanish America
HIST 1235A Making A "Second Sex": Women and Gender in Modern European History
HIST 1963Q Sex, Power, and God: A Medieval Perspective
HIST 1964L Slavery in the Early Modern World
Modern Culture and Media
MCM 0902I Never Work! History, theory and media of work and its refusal
MCM 1505P Channeling Race: Television and Race in America
MCM 1505W Queerness and Games
PHIL 0200F Language, Race, and Gender
Political Science
POLS 1823G Women and War
Public Health
PHP 1920 Social Determinants of Health
Religious Studies
RELS 0290D Islamic Sexualities
Theatre Arts and Performance Studies
TAPS 1425 Queer Performance

Associated Term: Fall 2018
Registration Dates: Apr 17, 2018 to Oct 02, 2018
Levels: Graduate, Undergraduate

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